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summer_mountains_nature_lake_river_grass_93164_2560x1080I’d like to start this blog off with a few messages about why I am doing this, what it means, and what you can expect to see later. Some of this information is also in my About Section, so check that out if you can. Anyway, this blog started out as a small idea about a few months ago. I was taking a trip with my family to New Jersey, and along the way I saw many places that really made me think about the impact humans have on the Earth. Giant factories, power plants, and run down communities were just a few of the many places we saw. After that moment, I began to realize, “What have we done as humans that have helped the environment?” We’ve taken, but never really cared enough to give back. We’ve warped and destroyed the environment to supplement our wants and needs. It’s sad to see so pollutionmuch of it being used up so quickly, with no thought of the possible repercussions. Before we know it, nature will be gone, and we will be left with a barren Earth.

This blog hopes to combat the downward spiral that humans seem to have set for themselves. If we ever hope to repair the damage we have caused in our environment, then we need to make a change. So why hasn’t this change taken place already? Why haven’t we worked to solve our problems for the future? It all has to do with how we think. When confronted with a problem that requires severe change, many people turn away from the problem, and pretend it isn’t there. We distract ourselves with trivial things, and thus we never have time to focus on the real problems. I myself have done this many times. Humans make up excuses not to make change, and they hope that the change will be made for them, but it never has been. However, there are people who don’t turn away from these problems, who lead successful lives but still care about the footprint they leave on our Earth. Take,300x300for example, a man named Charlie Lord. He is the co-founder of an organization called ACE, or Alternatives for Community and Environment. Early in his life, he planned to study the law and open his own law firm. He succeeded in this, however with a slight change. He recognized the effect businesses around the world had on the environment, and he worked to combat this. By working with another lawyer, Bill Shutkin, he was able to create ACE, an organization that has been working to help poor communities and the environment for over 20 years now. If you would like to learn more about him, make sure to visit

Mr. Lord helps to illustrate a point that not many people realize. You don’t have to dedicate your whole life to a cause to make a change. Many people think that in order to help and make a change, you have to throw away anything else you have worked for and focus on one singular endeavor. This is not true, and in fact, nature1_gkmUB5Jit isn’t the best way to go about making change. In order to make a global change, everybody needs to help. We can’t have one person making the change for everybody. While it might work in the long run, time is running out for the environment. If everybody puts in the time and effort to make simple changes to their lifestyles, we can save our Earth.

That’s the whole point of this blog. We need to educate people on the problem’s of our Earth, and how to fix them. Ignoring these problems is no longer an option, and we need to take action. If you agree with anything I’ve said in this first blog post, then I hope you follow my blog to see more, as I plan to post about more structured topics every week. This is just the start of what I hope ends up as a community striving to make the world better. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and let’s make a change!


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